Teva Pivot Shoes

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Teva’s Pivot shoe incorporates performance-enhancing traits of racing shoes into a true flat-sole all-mountain/DH design. It’s a flat-soled gravity-styled performance shoe with a few innovative features that have been long in coming. The Pivot was co-designed with the help of Jeff Lenosky, who admittedly is a flat-pedal rider. Jeff wanted an all-mountain/trail shoe that felt similar to a flat-pedal style, yet one that possessed a more effective sole for pedaling and with a cleat interface. Teva solved the first hurdle with a molded mid-sole plate to support the foot across the arch. The stub-nosed insert lets the front of the shoe flex to assist walking – which is problematic of all racing type cycling shoes. The cleat interface is designed in the reverse of the conventional style – the cleat is bolted from the inside of the shoe instead of screwed from the outside. The logic is that if the threaded bits are stripped (an occurrence that is relatively common in such a gritty location), they are not integral to the shoe and thus, easily replaced.

Available in black color.

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Size 40,5 (US 8), 42 (US 9), 43 (US 10), 45,5 (US 12), 47 (US 13)