Teva Links Mid Shoes

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When Teva asked their tribe riders what they could do as to follow up the Links, the first thing they said was ”just give us more of it.” So, that’s exactly what they did. The Teva Links Mid Shoe has the same widely loved PedalLINK outsole pioneered on the original Links, giving you incredible grip and pedal feel with a higher cut and increased protection.

T.I.D.E Grip – The Spider365 rubber sole will grip to your pedals in all kind of environments due to the unique sole that interfaces with the design of mountain bike pedals. This is combined with a special grip on the toe to help when pushing back up hills and a reverse lug pattern to give grip when you are going downhill not on your bike. T.I.D.E Comfort – A rubberised grid on the toe of the shoe is breathable armour that prevents ripping. A shock pad in the heel of the shoe helps absorb hard landings as does the extra padding throughout the rest of the upper. Strong plastic wraps around the back help protect your heal and provide a snug fit along with the elastic tongue and Mush infused insole used in Teva’s very comfy flip-flops.

Available in black color.

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Size EU 43 (US 10)